Drone Star Wars

The Star Wars movie franchise has won plenty of awards since George Lucas introduced the world to the galaxy far, far, away in 1977, and now new technology has led to fans winning an award of their own for their recreation of a Star Wars dogfight.

On Monday, a fan video of sorts involving key Star Wars vehicles and characters won Best Narrative at the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival.

The drone video that won, Drone Star Wars, was released in May of 2016, and it’s pretty awesome.

Obviously the lasers and sound effects were added in afterwards, but the footage itself is amazing. It’s also extremely impressive the creators were able to do that without crashing their drone. Then again, it’s not like any accidental crashing clips would’ve made it into the final product.

I’m also quite curious where it was filmed. The rivers, bridges, mountains, trees, etc. all looked very real, even when splash effects or crashing ships were added (presumably in post-production). The natural surroundings in the video added to the crispness of the video and made it much better.

Some of the other videos that won at the festival were unique as well. Like this parkour video that won for X-Factor & Best in Show:

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in the news not just for their use in war, but also the creative ways people use them to shoot video and race them in competitions. And some of those races felt like Star Wars, whether it’s the podracing elements in The Phantom Menace, the trench run in A New Hope or the speeder bike tree-dodging in Return of the Jedi. Much of that cinematic magic was created with old-school models, too, so it’s quite cool to see new technology being used to make a Star Wars homage, and a very impressive one.


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