If you think drones are annoying, well then perhaps we can interest you in this specially designed bazooka to take them down next time you see one flying around. The SkyWall 100 is your state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line anti-drone defense system you can rest on your shoulder. They look like something straight out of Halo.

The SkyWall 100, manufactured by OpenWorks Engineering, will rocket a canister filled with a net at drones 100 meters away. Once the net deploys and wraps up the drone, it tangles the working parts of the drone and begins to fall back to the ground safely with the help of a parachute. Unfortunately for you, perhaps, these are not planned on being sold to the public just yet. Instead, these are more designed for business and, perhaps, government agencies looking to protect high-security buildings. Imagine they could be used at big-time sports events as well.

This does open up a new door though as the world of drone sports seems to grow. We know we have drone racing leagues going right now, but what if bazookas shooting defense nets could be incorporated into a new drone sport, where one team could have a roster of drone racers and a defense unit with two guys on the ground aiming to take drones out before they can advance? Drone capture the flag, anyone?


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