Uber drivers may be forced to take some time off from their side hustle as the ride-sharing giant looks to make their service safer for passengers as well as drivers. A new update to the app will reportedly force Uber drivers into taking a break after 12 hours of driving on any given day.

According to a report from The Washington Post, the 12-hour max will be cumulative, so you can drive for six hours, take a break, then six more hours and still be forced to a timeout from Uber. The app will shut off after 12 cumulative hours of use and will force drivers into a six-hour break without being able to pick up any new fares.

There are ways around this to keep the wages coming in for the professional Uber drivers who choose to work around the new mandatory limits. One example would be having a second Uber account and, perhaps, a second car to drive to trick Uber into thinking you are two different drivers. An Uber driver could also switch over to using another ride-sharing platform like Lyft to pick up fares during their mandatory six-hour break.

But the six-hour break is a good call to provide for the safety of all those planning to be on the road either as a driver or a passenger. Sleepy drivers pose similar threats on the roads as drunk drivers, which is why truck drivers are limited to how many hours they can drive as well. There will surely be some that will be unhappy about the new Uber restrictions, but if it means one more person gets to where they are going without being in harm’s way, this is a solid update.

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