Verified Twitter users aren’t quite the exclusive club they used to be, but being verified still has a certain cache, depending on how strongly you feel about Twitter and the people on it.

Set aside for tastemakers and celebrities in fields such as music, entertainment, government, journalism, and sports, getting one of those little blue check marks next to your name comes with some perks. It’s a way to confirm once and for all that you are who you say you are and gives you a little bit of a leg up when it comes to relevance and notoriety, assuming you’re into such things.

One thing being verified hasn’t been able to do? Help you find love, that is, unless you’re just really good at sliding in those DMs.

But perhaps that’s about to change thanks to BLUE, a new premium version of dating app Loveflutter. While Loveflutter helps you make matches based on your tweets, BLUE is a premium version of the app whose clientele is “exclusive to Twitter’s blue tick verified community.” It’s estimated that Twitter currently has around 200,000 verified users.

Been looking for a way to let Taylor Swift or Chris Hemsworth know you’re interested in them? Now’s your chance.

Reaction to the new service has been…mixed. Some verified users don’t like the idea of a dating app focused on them while non-verified users feel pretty good about their status.


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