If you have seen the latest commercials for GoPro, the emphasis is on the camera’s ability to withstand pretty much anything.

Dirt, paintballs, rushing water, you name it. No matter what is thrown in the GoPro’s way, it will still continue to film your exploits. The commercial is obviously a little more extreme than the typical user’s experience with the product, but one camera was put to the test its advertisements suggest it can handle, and then some.

Daniel Rose of Hamworthy, England, was out fishing when he hooked a GoPro camera from the murky depths. The camera equipment was damaged, but it still lived up to its highly set expectations — the SD card was perfectly intact, along with the last recorded moments of the camera’s life filmed almost a year prior:

Rose posted an edited version of the footage he recovered on YouTube in hopes that the original owners could claim their lost camera’s final moments. According to the YouTube description, that footage was from August 13th of 2015, meaning the camera had been under for nearly a year. It’s amazing that the SDCard remained intact, even if the rest of the camera wasn’t salvageable.

It is actually really interesting; we see the camera tumble away from the original owner and slowly sink to the bottom. Then rushing tides, and at the very end, a curious crustacean stops by to take a look.

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