Eugenie Bouchard John Goerke date

For most folks who called the Super Bowl over before New England’s amazing comeback, the only punishment was some possible ribbing from friends. For Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard, calling the game over before it was wound up being pretty expensive.

In case you didn’t hear, a 20-year-old University of Missouri student bet with Bouchard over Twitter that if New England came back to win, Bouchard and this guy—John Goerke, a Chicago native—would go on a date. Since the Patriots did make that epic comeback, the date was on.

The official date took place Wednesday when the two went to a Brooklyn Nets game. It’s a moment I doubt either will forget anytime soon.

First off, Bouchard is quite admirable for following through on this bet. This also is a heck of a date for this kid, especially based on the fact photos surfaced Wednesday of Bouchard in her swimsuit for Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition. She also came in clutch by reportedly paying for her date’s flight and hotel room.

But while this guy is doing pretty well for himself, I still have a few gripes. First of all, as a Missouri alum, I can tell you there’s about a two percent chance this guy is actually from the city of Chicago. He’s likely from a suburb about 40 minutes from “the city” (that’s what kids from the Chicago suburbs call it. I know, it’s weird.)

Then, there’s the fact he’s wearing jeans. Come on, man. You have a date with one of the top female tennis players in the world, and you wear jeans? Not the best look. Especially when she’s rocking that kind of an elaborate coat.

But despite all my complaining, Goerke gets the last laugh. He’s yucking it up with Bouchard while I’m on my couch writing about a date that was made over Twitter.

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