Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic celebrated his first round Wimbledon victory in a unique way that only he could pull off.

The No. 1-ranked men’s tennis player took down James Ward in straight sets at Wimbledon on Monday and following the victory, he trotted out a new way to celebrate. He clapped his hand with his racket and then started to crouch down, put his hands on his hips and lifted his arms up like he was doing a senior’s exercise routine. Djokovic proceeded to do the move four times before walking off the court.

While Djokovic has every right to celebrate the victory, this comes across as very strange. I get what he’s trying to do – pump up the audience and face each side of seats so that he lunges at everyone, but it doesn’t make it any less bizarre. I’m not sure the story behind the new celebration but it’s a unique one.

It’s not the first time Djokovic did the celebration, as he got the ball girls at the French Open to join him in the celebration. In a group setting, it’s much more entertaining than what he pulled off today.

Keep doing your thing Novak, no matter how weird it is.

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