Roger Federer completely dominated the No. 10-seeded Tomas Berdych on Friday at the Australian Open, in a three-set match (6-2 6-4 6-4) that lasted just 90 minutes. It was “vintage Federer” as ESPN’s Patrick McEnroe correctly put it after the match-winning point:

A few minutes later, the McEnroe brothers were talking more about Federer and how great the guy is both as a tennis player and as a person:

Patrick: That was just spectacular to see that.

John: You got that right. I mean, is this guy just the greatest guy ever? I mean, he’s the greatest player ever. He’s like Rod Laver on.. you know.

Patrick: And then some.

John: And then some, exactly. You look at him and he just says all the right things. He doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. He likes everyone. He likes the officials! What is wrong with this guy?! The linesmen, he even likes; he misses them!

So, Federer has all of that going for him, and it turns out he’s even in a boy band now! Or for at least a few minutes in Melbourne, anyway.

Federer sent out a tweet tonight saying, “We’re starting a boy band #NOTNSYNC.”

The tweeted included video of Federer singing Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” with fellow tennis stars Grigor Dimitrov and Tommy Haas, and they even had David Foster on piano. Foster, a 16-time Grammy winner, is one of the most famous music producers in the world, and co-wrote the song.

Here’s the (very unexpected) video:

Amazing. I have no idea how this happened, or why this happened, but sometimes it’s better to not have context. Then again, this also gives me more questions than answers as to what goes on during the players’ off days at the Australian Open.

[Roger Federer on Twitter]

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