When you go to see a tennis match, you expect to hear some grunting on the court. What you do not typically expect to hear is some grunting from beyond the tennis stadium.

A match in Sarasota, Florida on Tuesday was humorously interrupted by some passionate love-making from a nearby apartment.

As Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger were competing in a Sarasota Open match on the ATP Challenger Tour, the two were caught off guard when the erotic sounds echoed into the stadium. Tiafoe’s reaction was great.

In the video of the match seen below, the announcer originally thinks the sounds were coming from a fan’s phone. He later realizes those sounds were coming from beyond the court and the stands instead, to which he later tries to come to grips with what just happened.


“At least somebody’s having a good night,” the announcer says. That’s a good way to sum it up!

Also, a fan yelling, “It can’t be that good!”

The shot of the mom having her son cover his ears in the stands is also amazing.


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