Rafael Nadal is one of Tennis’ all-time greats and has a claim on greatest player on clay as well. As it turns out, Nadal’s prodigious talents do not end there. The Spainard is also quite the soccer player. This video compiled by The Sun reveals Nadal’s skills, some of which were hiding in plain sight this whole time.

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This might be news for some of Tennis’ more casual fans, but for hardcore Nadal followers this is just the rest of the world catching up. Here is a video of Nadal showing off his ball skills that was posted in 2012.

Nadal is not the only Tennis superstar to also possess some talent on the pitch. As a boy, Roger Federer had to choose which of the two sports he wanted to pursue, and Novak Djokovic is quite talented with his feet as well. This mesmerizing video of Nadal and Djokovic playing a game called, “Soccer Tennis,” proves as much.

Much like Stephen Curry was once a scratch golfer in addition to being the greatest shooter in NBA history, many athletes are fantastically skilled at sports outside their primary focus. It should not come as too much of a surprise the best European Tennis players, where kids are practically born with a ball at their feet, can also handle themselves on the soccer pitch.

Even Andy Murray can hold his own.

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