It did not take very long on Wednesday for major sports news to break. Phil Jackson leaving the Knicks seemed like it would be the biggest event of the day until a trade involving Chris Paul to the Rockets was announced. Oh, and the Cubs felt it was necessary to visit the White House for a second time after their most recent World Series win for some reason.

But with that being said, let’s get to today’s Cheat Sheet.

The crazy NBA offseason continues as the Los Angeles Clippers are sending all-star point guard Chris Paul packing to Houston to play for the Rockets

Word has been spreading around that the Clippers were going to blow up the core of their roster this summer and it was proven to be true on Wednesday after reports began to emerge of the team agreeing to a trade that would send Paul to the Rockets.

The news was a bit of a shock, but not when considering how the current landscape of the NBA is. Players are realizing they need to team up with other stars around the league in order to capture a championship.

Something that Paul will no longer be trying to do with the Clippers.

Other NBA players and sports figures took to social media on Wednesday to react to the news.

Paul also took some time on Wednesday to express thanks to the city of Los Angeles and Clippers fans.

So why did the Clippers actually decide to trade away one of their best players? Apparently Paul’s relationship with Los Angeles head coach Doc Rivers had a lot do with it.

Fans of the New York Knicks rejoiced as it was announced that Phil Jackson has left his position as the team’s President of Basketball Operations

Jackson will forever be remembered as one of the greatest head coaches in NBA history. His work in the front office however, is something he likely hopes that people opt to forget.

On Wednesday, the Knicks and Jackson agreed it was best that the two sides end their current relationship.

Needless to say, a few Knicks fans were happy about the move (okay, maybe a lot more than a few).


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With free agency set to start very soon, the Knicks now need to find someone to replace Phil. They reportedly already have someone in mind.

Quick Hits

– So that Tim Tebow guy who used to play football (sort of) and now plays baseball (sort of) cranked a home run out of the park on Wednesday during his first game after recently getting “promoted” to the Florida Gulf Coast League.

– Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan gave his brother an amazing birthday present by paying off his $82,000 in student loans. Hey Logan, if you have any extra cash laying around, let me know.

– Chicago Cubs outfielder Albert Almora, Jr., conveniently had to stretch out his middle finger while standing next to President Trump during the team’s visit to the White House on Wednesday.

– Former NFL running back Clinton Portis apparently admitted to wanting to murder his financial advisor that caused him to lose millions of dollars. So there’s that.

– The Toronto Blue Jays “fan” that chucked a beer can onto the field during last year’s playoffs has been banned from attending any future MLB games. He’ll never look at a can of beer the same again.

– A Miami Dolphins fan recently got married while wearing a replica team helmet. Hopefully he at least knows Finkle is Einhorn.

– The Portland Trail Blazers traded guard Tim Quarterman to the Houston Rockets for cash on Wednesday, and the Blazers’ Twitter account made the best of it.

– After blaming his own pitchers for allowing opposing teams to steal bases, the Chicago Cubs said goodbye to catcher Miguel Montero on Wednesday.

One last glorious moment of procrastination

In honor of Chris Paul getting traded to Houston…

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