It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can never escape jokes about Uranus

There are some headlines that you just roll your eyes when you see pop up, because you know people are going to go there. NASA presented many that opportunity for some childish jokes about a planet in our lovely Solar System. We’ll throw that out there later. But now, let’s get to the Cheat Sheet on this lovely Wednesday morning.

White Sox send Todd Frazier to Yankees, call up top prospect in baseball

As the clock struck midnight, the Chicago White Sox announced via Twitter the massive trade with the New York Yankees highlighte dby the inclusion of Todd Frazier heading to the Bronx.

The White Sox are obviously looking to build for their future now, and the addition of Blake Rutherford will be a key ingredient in that process. Rutherford is one of the top 30 prospects in baseball according to

But wait, there’s more! The White Sox are also calling up Yoan Moncada.

The White Sox call up baseball’s top prospect, Yoan Moncada

And hey, remember that time Frazier got to stand next to Derek Jeter? The Yankees do.

Here’s a breakdown about the possibility of moving Frazier we posted earlier in the day, which is still worth a read in light of the latest trade.

Diamondbacks add to lineup for second half wild card push

Earlier on Tuesday, the Arizona Diamondbacks filled a need in their lineup by adding J.D. Martinez in a trade with the Detroit Tigers.

Arizona sent a shipment of prospects back to Detroit, and it sounds like the D’backs got the better end of the deal overall.

Expect more trades around baseball to come!

Mike Vick scales back his advice for Kaepernick

Michael Vick on Colin Kaepernick

So the other day, former NFL quarterback Mike Vick was on air with FOX Sports 1. During his time in the FS1 studio, Vick shared his words of advice for free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who for some reason still can’t land a job anywhere in the NFL despite the onslaught of awful quarterbacks getting contracts this offseason.Vick said

Vick said Kaepernick should cut his hair or away with his afro. Weird advice, right? Well, Vick caught flak for that and wasted little time trying to back away from his comments.

Vick’s comments had some logic behind them, but it just did not play out publicly as I think Vick had intended.

Quick Hits

Heinz Chicago Dog Sauce

– New Jersey governor Chris Christie is not exactly a man with a high approval rating in The Garden State these days, so when he got his hands on a foul ball at a Mets game last night it did not take long to be showered in boos. At least he gave the ball to a kid.

– Out west, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper starred in a true MVP showdown, and each hit a home run in the first inning.

– In Miami, Ichiro moved up the MLB all-time hit list.

– Also, the Dodgers are streaking again.

– Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy has been rocking quite the mullet since last year, and he thinks it has been worth millions in publicity for the program.

– The NBA and Nike made an interesting announcement on Tuesday. There will no longer be home and away uniforms. Instead, the home team will pick one of four available uniforms and the visiting team will be responsible for wearing a contrasting uniform. That’s an interesting concept, and perhaps long overdue. It will be fun to see if any other leagues follow the NBA’s lead here.

– Minor leaguers in the Seattle Mariners farm system racked up quite the Uber fare recently.

– People are pretending to be Adele’s manager just to get some autographs from NBA players.

– It looks like Heinz is pulling a fast one on Chicago hot dog eaters with their ketchup-replacement “Chicago Dog Sauce.”

– Speaking of dogs, a dog in Scotland gave birth to a green dog. Don’t worry, the dog is perfectly OK.

Remember that dude who took a pitch during his baby gender reveal announcement the other day? David Lauterbach interviewed him for us.

– This seems like a challenging workout drill…

– The mentions…

One last gratuitous moment of procrastination


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