Hump day came and went with a busy day in the world of college basketball pertaining to on the court and off the court drama, breakthroughs in sports media, and a big development in the NBA’s Western Conference. 

Say Hello to YouTube TV

YouTube on Comcast

Just what the world needs, another TV streaming service am I right?

YouTube entered the online streaming fray by unveiling its network lineup and monthly pricing. At a press event on Tuesday, YouTube officially announced YouTube TV, a lineup of more than 40 channels at $35/month.

Right now, we don’t know when YouTube TV will launch, but there is a signup that will send out an e-mail to let you know.

The four major broadcast networks will be there, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. For NFL fans, they’ll be able to games on computers, Chromecast and tablets, but they’ll fall under blackouts on mobiles as Verizon currently has the rights to show games on smartphones.

In addition, Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Network, ESPN’s family of networks, FS1/FS2, Fox Sports’ regional networks and NBCUniversal’s sports networks (Golf Channel/NBCSN). But there are some major omissions in YouTube TV’s lineup.

There are no league-owned networks, MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network or NHL Network. None of Turner’s networks, CNN, TBS, TNT, truTV or Turner Classic Movies are listed. And none of Viacom’s networks, MTV, Spike or VH1 will be on when YouTube TV launches.

The future of Georgetown basketball is murky and confusing

Georgetown University’s men’s basketball program is a storied program and one of the first big members of the original Big East. Since the fall of the old Big East however, the Hoyas’ program has fallen off.

The fall of Georgetown men’s basketball has gotten to a point where the future of head coach John Thompson III is in doubt. It’s even gotten to a point where former players are afraid to publicly address the elephant in the room.

“Everyone knows a change needs to be made,” one former player said. “But no one will dare stand up and say it.”

ESPN spoke with a total of four former players about JT3, and none would go on the record about the need for a change and why they’re not talking publicly.

“Everyone is scared to death,” another ex-player said.

“Loyalty and fear,” one told ESPN on why they weren’t willing to attach their name to anything. “Fear of Big John and where you stand. You don’t mess with him.”

“I’m still scared of him, and I’m a grown man now,” added another.

Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are going back to Canada

After being unceremoniously dumped by FS1 last week, the worst kept secret in sports has finally been revealed. In a deal announced during NHL Trade Deadline Day, TSN is bringing Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole back to their country of origin, Canada.

Last week, FS1 announced that it was canceling Jay and Dan’s late night Fox Sports Live show and would not be renewing their contracts. Once that happened, the wheels began churning for them to return to TSN where they gained popularity for hosting the late night editions of SportsCentre.

Kevin Durant set to miss 4 weeks with MCL strain

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors may have a dodged a figurative bullet.

After suffering a nasty-looking knee injury in the first quarter of Golden State’s 112-108 loss to the Washington Wizards on Tuesday, the worst was feared for Durant. Zaza Pachulia had landed on Durant’s left leg while trying to get a rebound, forcing the Warriors All-Star forward to immediately leave the game and he did not return. However, after undergoing an MRI, Durant’s prognosis isn’t all that grim.

Overall, this is great news for the Warriors, especially since Durant isn’t lost for the rest of the year and does not need surgery. There are only six weeks left in the regular season, so if Durant’s re-evaluation goes swimmingly, then he will have some time before the start of the NBA Playoffs to get back into the flow of things. And if he needs more time to recover, the Warriors should be just fine without him at the start of the postseason. A first-round matchup against the current eighth-seeded Denver Nuggets shouldn’t pose that great of a threat for the Warriors, even without Durant.

Could Northwestern soon be dancing for the first time EVER!?

As you may be well aware, the Northwestern Wildcats have never, ever, ever made it to the NCAA Tournament. It’s one of the most infamous streaks of futility in college athletics, but if the Cubs can win the World Series than anything in sports is possible. And in the most dramatic way possible, tonight’s victory over Michigan may have just proven that to be true even in the case of the Wildcats.

While looking like a lock for most of the season, Northwestern has struggled in finalizing their at-large bid as of late. After starting 18-4, the Wildcats had gone 2-5 in their last 7 games before Wednesday night’s home encounter with the Michigan Wolverines.

Overtime looked to be a certainty with Northwestern inbounding the ball on their own baseline with just 1.7 seconds remaining. And yet, somehow Nathan Taphorn found Derk Pardon with the Hail Mary pass and the game-winning layup as time expired.

Two members of The Comeback family went to Northwestern and were pretty happy after the Wildcats’ big win.

It’s important to note this doesn’t mean for certain that Northwestern will be dancing, but it sure does help their chances.

Quick Hits

– Jahlil Okafor at times can be a very questionable “defender.”

– The Los Angeles Rams are bringing back their incredibly good looking white and blue helmets.

– Our own Matt Clapp detailed what is coming and going from Netflix this month. Here’s a hint: lots of dinosaurs are coming.

– The General Manager of the Detroit Lions, Bob Quinn, admitted he was disappointed running back Joe Mixon isn’t going to be at the NFL combine. Mixon of course isn’t there due to his troubled and questionable history.

– Ty Lawson was listed as questionable after a rough stomach injury that could be a result of tacos.

The Sacramento Kings’ guard Lawson is just a man of the people. He puts his pants on one leg at a time, and he just wants some good tacos.

This was proven true Tuesday. Lawson posted on Snapchat asking for suggestions for a place that sells tacos. Based on the Kings’ injury report released Wednesday, Lawson might have gotten some bad advice. He was listed as questionable with Gastroenteritis.

– A cow in Hawaii is really into this TV reporter.

Theo Epstein took batting practice off of Ryan Dempster and it was fantastic.

CSN Chicago says Dempster threw 50 pitches to Epstein, Tommy La Stella, and minor leaguer Todd Glaesmann.

“Theo said it looked very fast,” Dempster said by phone. “He takes instruction well, though. Eric Hinske, our hitting coach, told him, ‘When Demp gets ready to start picking his leg up, start swinging.’

“He did OK, though. He jammed one to third base and flared one to where the right fielder would be. Then I threw him some splits and he had no chance,” he added.

– Get ready for pizza shoes! No not shoes made out of pizza, but instead shoes you can order pizza with!

– Chicago White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu ate a fake passport on his way to the United States.

On an Air France flight from Haiti to Miami, Abreu testified that he had ordered a beer and slowly ate the page which contained a false name and photo. He also said he traveled illegally because he was worried he’d miss an October 2013 deadline and lose out on the eventual $68 million contract he signed with the White Sox.

– Our own Liam McGuire examined the winners and losers of the 2017 NHL Trade Deadline, which was on Wednesday.

– The NFL may soon relax its own ridiculous excessive celebration rules.

At some point, every NFL has pejoratively referred to the league as the “No Fun League” because of their needless and silly crackdown on celebrations. The league has at least somewhat recognized this, and plans to relax those rules for next season.

– Finally, ESPN has announced who will be filling in for Chris Berman when it comes to covering the NFL.

A Random “The Office” Related Video:

I’ve always wanted to try oysters.

One Last Glorious Moment of Procrastination:

This is still such a fun video to watch/listen to three years later.

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