Start your week off right, by racing a shark on TV and catching up on all the trailers you missed

We’re starting your week off on the right note by making sure you are all caught up on the latest trailers to come out of Comic Con in San Diego and making sure you know how Michael Phelps did in his race against sharks. We’ll throw in some sports nuggets as well, starting things off across the pond in your Monday morning edition of The Cheat Sheet.

Jordan Spieth wins The Open

Jordan Spieth won The British Open, but not before a massive search party needed to help find his ball.

Jordan Spieth continues to take the golf world by storm with another major championship. This weekend, Spieth claimed a victory in The British Open on the strength of a solid back-nine. Spieth got the weekend off to a solid start, but seemed to hit a speed bump on the way to his latest major victory, which brought back some horrible flashbacks for sure. Thr 13th hole took 30 minutes to play, because it included a massive search party to find Spieth’s ball.

Here’s the winning moment…

So yeah, it’s been a good run for Spieth. But let’s not jump right into the Jack Nicklaus conversation just yet.

Of course, perhaps the most memorable moment for some may have come off the course entirely.

Now, Spieth is looking to attempt a rare feat in the world of golf, a grand slam.

He’s also in some good company…

Kershaw leaves game after two innings, trip to DL suspected

Well here’s one of the last things Dodgers fans probably want to see right about now.

The Dodgers are looking more and more like the team to beat in the National League, but Dodgers fans had reason to be alarmed Sunday afternoon. Clayton Kershaw was taken out of the game after just two innings with right low back tightness, according to the team’s official update. Here’s the moment that gave Dodgers fans a panic attack…

We should expect to hear more about Kershaw’s status at some point today.

Fortunately for the Dodgers, the bullpen managed to put in seven good innings of work and the Dodgers celebrated a walk-off victory against the Braves (after blowing a three-run lead in the top of the ninth).

Cavs offseason continues to be a summer’s best drama

Kyrie Irving may be looking for a way out of Cleveland.

If you didn’t already know the Cavaliers were a franchise in disarray this summer, then you haven’t been paying attention. If you have been paying attention, the latest rumors swirling around about Kyrie Irving should come as no surprise. Oh, it seems like things are getting hot in Cleveland, and Betty White isn’t here for the comic relief either.

The weekend buzz suggested there may be some jealousy factor for Irving that could lead to him wanting to get out of LeBron James’ shadow and some others around the league. Irving may have the desire to be the lead guy on a team, rather than a tremendous sidekick. He may have even asked to be traded before the NBA Draft to the Chicago Bulls. This is notable because at the time of the draft there were rumors some players on the Cavs were reaching out to now former Bull Jimmy Butler and suggesting he stay away from Cleveland. Could Irving have been the one relaying such a message with the hope of joining Butler in Chicago? Hmmm…

Irving was on the other end of the flat earth while we were sinking our teeth into all of this.

Michael Phelps raced a shark

Shark getting ready to take down Michael Phelps. Image via @Cloverrules1

Shark Week got underway Sunday on Discovery Channel, and this year they kicked it all off with a fun matchup between various sharks and the world’s best swimmer, Michael Phelps. The special was promoted as pitting Phelps against a shark, but obviously, they couldn’t do that. So instead they digitally imposed sharks they tracked for this event against Phelps. They even gave Phelps a fin at the bottom of his feet later on to give him a chance. But before they got to the grand finale, there was the instruction session informing Phelps what a shark is…

And this demonstration trying to capture data about a shark’s speed with a guy pedaling away on a pontoon boat tracker…

In the end, I must admit, Phelps came a lot closer to beating the digitally imposed Great White shark than I anticipated. Never doubt Phelps.

Anyway, on to the next grand experiment…

Quick Hits

– It was a huge weekend for trailers with Comic Con underway in San Diego. Liam reviewed the latest trailer for Justice League, due out this November. Ian broke down the trailer for the upcoming Thor: Ragnorak from Marvel, which is also coming out this November. David took a deep dive into the new trailer for HBO’s Westworld and also reviewed the new trailer for the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix. And while we may not have touched on them, I enjoyed the new trailers for the upcoming TV seasons in the DC universe, especially The Flash.

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