“Billy Manziel” and Brian Urlacher’s hair drove the Internet wild on Tuesday. And a Lakers fan decided he was changing to a Warriors fan mid-game. That and much more at Wednesday’s Cheat Sheet…

The Internet went crazy with Johnny Manziel’s mustache and wig disguise in Vegas

We mentioned on yesterday’s Cheat Sheet how Johnny Manziel was seen partying in Vegas over the weekend, wearing a mustache and wig. He apparently even introduced himself as “Billy”, during this Vegas adventure.

Well, the Internet ended up going wild with the story. Particularly on Twitter, obviously.

A few examples:



And it didn’t take long for someone to make a Billy Manziel shirt:

It doesn’t stop there. This Billy Manziel painting has already sold for $500 on eBay.

billy manziel painting 2

Brian Urlacher has hair now and it’s really weird

urlacher hair

We had the Johnny Manziel disguise, and then we had Brian Urlacher appear on the WGN News Tuesday morning, WITH HAIR. Brian. Urlacher. WITH HAIR.

So what’s up with this new hair? Ian Casselberry explains more at Awful Announcing:

As Urlacher explained on TV, radio, his Twitter account and to Yahoo Sports’ Eric Edholm (who bumped into him at the TV studio), he underwent a procedure at Katona Hair Restoration that takes hairs from where they’re growing (in this case, the back of Urlacher’s head) and puts them where they need to grow. Whatever Urlacher had going on, hair-wise, on the back of his head is now going on in the front too.  

Urlacher’s former longtime Bears teammate — and fellow star linebacker — Lance Briggs had the tweet of the day in response:

Fan at Lakers-Warriors game sums up the state of the two organizations quite well

warriors lakers

On Tuesday night during the Lakers-Warriors game at Staples Center, the Warriors’ broadcast caught a fan in a Lakers jersey casually putting on a Warriors jersey over it:

That guy’s had enough, apparently. The defending champs blew out the Lakers 109-86, and are now 33-2. The Lakers, on the other hand, have the Western Conference’s worst record at 8-28.

Quick Hits

george costanza marble rye

– So this is awesome: Australia has a George Costanza-themed bar, and yes they have a Frogger arcade machine there.

It’s simply referred to as “George’s Bar”, but they really missed an opportunity to do something “Jerk Store” related there. I’m just going to go ahead and assume using the promo code “BOSCO” gets you a free drink though.

– This is a very big one for the Twitterverse: Twitter is considering expanding 140-character limits on tweets.

– The Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild tied an NHL record with 2 goals in 2 seconds.

– Dirk Nowitzki may be seven feet tall, but he’s also 37 years old, as we were reminded on this dunk attempt.

Eli Manning fought back tears as Tom Coughlin delivered his final message after resigning.

Derrick Rose had some plays reminiscent of his MVP self in the Bulls’ win Tuesday night.

Ben Simmons isn’t the “next LeBron” yet, but he has the skills to get there.

Ranking the best NFL head coaches available.

Laying out the 2016 NFL draft order.

A look at the next round of ESPN’s 30 for 30s. Spoiler alert: They should be really good.

One last breath of gratuitous procrastination

If you’ve gone bowling many times in your life, you’ve surely had an embarrassing moment or two. Especially because alcohol is frequently involved of course (I can’t imagine adult bowling without it tbqh). But it’s doubtful you’ve topped this guy:

The owner will probably strike him.


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