The NFL finally turns in a week worth watching!

I’m not going to start off your work week by getting all political on you this morning. This post is supposed to be fun, and gosh darn it we’re going to try and do just that! So settle in and let’s run through another Sunday of NFL football and get this week started on the right foot. Fortunately, we had one of the best weeks of the season so far from the NFL.

Ezekiel Elliott does it again, stuns Steelers

How many Steelers does it take to stop Ezekiel Elliott? 1...2...3? The world may never know,
How many Steelers does it take to stop Ezekiel Elliott? 1…2…3? The world may never know,

Just when it looked as though the Dallas Cowboys were going to be taken down for the first time since Week 1, Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys prove there just might be something magical going on with them this season. How else can we really explain it at this point?

Well, we can start by stating without hesitation that Ezekiel Elliott is the best running back in the NFL, and he’s only played nine games. Ever. It helps having one of the best offensive lines to run behind, but my goodness this kid continues to impress on the football field at every opportunity. On Sunday in Pittsburgh, Elliott rushed for 114 yards and two touchdowns and caught two passes for 95 yards and another touchdown, including this game-winner in the final minute, the same minute that saw the Steelers take a late 30-28 lead on the Cowboys.

Elliott is starting to make some history on his way to Rookie of the Year, and maybe even an MVP award.

And how about this stat? It’s as much a credit to the Dallas offensive line as it is a criticism of the Steelers defense.

And while we’re paying so much attention to Elliott, I should also remind you the NFL got bombarded with DEEZ NUTS jokes following a tweet reacting to Dez Bryant’s solid showing in Pittsburgh. Bryant was playing with a heavy heart after losing his dad the previous day.

Seahawks and Patriots Goes the Distance

In defense of the Patriots, they DID try to run the ball before resorting to a fade to the end zone from the one-yard line.
In defense of the Patriots, they DID try to run the ball before resorting to a fade to the end zone from the one-yard line.

The stakes may have been considerably lower than the last time these two played in the Supe r Bowl two years ago, but the drama was as good as it could get for a regular season game. The teams exchanged the lead seven times and it all came down to one final play. And of course it came from one yard away from the end zone.

Russell Wilson passed for 348 yards and three touchdowns, while Tom Brady also hit the 300-yard mark (316 yards) but was without a touchdown pass and one interception. The Patriots did their damage on the ground with LeGarrette Blount running for 69 yards and three touchdowns. The Pats needed just one more TD from him and nearly got it in the final minute, but the Seahawks hung tough for one last defensive stand.

It all came down to one final play for the Patriots. On 4th and Goal, after the Seahawks stuffed LeGarrett Blount leaping over the pile and Brady lost control of a QB sneak, the Patriots took to the air on a fade, perhaps the absolute worst play the Patriots or any team could possibly run from one yard out. Ban the Fade. The throw went to Rob Gronkowski in the end zone, but fell out of reach of the Pro Bowl tight end, who probably should have been flagged for offensive pass interference anyway.

The irony…

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