Shaq eats frog legs after losing TCU bet

Former NBA star and current TNT personality Shaquille O’Neal lost an unfortunate bet on the TCU Horned Frogs in the CFP National Championship earlier this month, saying that he would eat frogs legs if TCU lost to Georgia. Shaq followed through on his bet on national television on Thursday night, creating a hilarious moment on NBA on TNT.

O’Neal was delivered the frogs legs by co-host Ernie Johnson, who was wearing a Georgia helmet to rub some more salt into the wounds of the lost bet.

While Shaq may have lost the bet, it didn’t seem like he had all that much issue with the consequences, taking a massive bite into the first frog leg.

If anything, fellow TNT personality Kenny Smith seemed to have more issues with O’Neal eating the frog legs.

“Oh my god, now you understand why I am a vegetarian,” said Smith while O’Neal bit into the frog leg. “That looks like a real frog. They could have cut it differently so it doesn’t look like the actual animal.

You can undoubtedly tell that Kenny Smith is not accustomed to seeing a pretty typical cajun cuisine like frog legs, which Charles Barkley proceeded to clown him about.

“That was spoken like a true New Yorker,” said Barkley.

While it certainly wasn’t exactly the miserable punishment that many had hoped Shaq would have to endure, many still got some laughs out of this iconic moment.

“I know Shaq gotta eat them frog legs!! Let’s go big fella!!!,” tweeted former NBA player Donte Greene.

“Shaq is no liar. He kept his promise to eat frog legs if Georgia beat TCU in the National Championship,” tweeted The Game Day NBA on Twitter.

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