Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, whom you probably used to know as Chad Ochocinco, has always been able to make news easily. Between Dancing With the Stars, guest-hosting RAW, off-field drama and arrests, and his infamous name change, it was never hard to find out where Chad was and what he was up to.

Saturday morning, Johnson made it known that he was in Jacksonville, Florida. And furthermore, he also made it known that he was really in the mood for a coffee and was willing to pay a might price for one.

Apparently, without much working knowledge of things like Uber, Lyft, ZipCar, or taxis, Johnson was willing to pay an exorbitant amount to anyone willing to schlepp him across town for a mocha latte. And sure enough, someone took him up on the offer.

In a bit of a plot twist, Chad got his ride and his coffee but driver Joey McAvoy says he didn’t take the $1,000. That’s either noble or crazy, depending on how you want to feel about it.

What a journey. And even though Joey didn’t take the money, that’s an experience you don’t soon forget. As for Johnson, it isn’t all that surprising to hear he was in a generous mood about the trip and the coffee. He’s certainly shelled out big money to servers and those in food service before.

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