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Shannon Sharpe told us how he really feels about former United States President Donald Trump.

Like everyone in the country, Sharpe is dealing with surging gas prices. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or make, no one enjoys paying double what it cost a year ago to fill up your car. But let the price of gas surge all you want, it will never make Sharpe long for the volatile days of Trump in the White House.

The Pro Football Hall-of-Famer and Fox Sports analyst shared a picture of a gas pump over the weekend, depicting that it cost him $118 for just over 17 gallons of gas, which equates to an abhorrent $6.75 per gallon.

“Anyone knows someone hiring that owns a gas station? You get a discount IF* you [work] at an establishment,” Sharpe wrote on Twitter. “Do ppl still siphon off gas? It was a thing when I was a growing up.”

One of Sharpe’s Twitter followers replied to the picture by asking, “Shannon do you still hate Donald?”

And Sharpe said yes, without actually saying yes. “I’d rather pay 20 bucks a gallon than have Trump in office,” Sharpe answered. “Hope that answers your question.”

The tweet amassed more than 16,000 retweets, 24,000 replies, and 120,000 likes and was met with criticism from conservatives and some of his Fox colleagues, who called Sharpe out for flaunting his willingness to spend $20 on gas.

But Sharpe prioritizing who’s in office over what he pays for gas doesn’t mean the Undisputed host is ignoring how the price of fuel might impact others. It just means Sharpe’s vote will never be bought by Trump. For Sharpe, the price of gas isn’t the most important social or political talking point, and judging by the 120,000 likes on his tweet, a lot of people agree.

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