Aaron Judge and the Yankees are struggling in a way not seen by the franchise in a long time.

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge is on the verge of making some important Major League Baseball history by breaking the American League home run record set by New York Yankees legend Roger Maris during the 1961 MLB season.

As Judge seeks his historic 62nd home run this MLB season, major sports networks have been cutting into their regularly-scheduled broadcasting to show Judge’s at-bats. But based on the results from the at-bats that take place during college football games, there’s reason to wonder if he’s cursed not to hit his historic home run at those times.

As Chris Vannini of The Athletic points out, Judge’s plate appearances that have interrupted ESPN’s college football coverage have been massively uneventful. Throughout all of his plate appearances during college football games, Judge has just one hit in seven different at-bats, with five strikeouts along with five walks and a hit by pitch.

“If you only watched Aaron Judge via college football cut-ins, you would think he is terrible,” Vannini Tweeted on Saturday after Judge went 0-for-2 with two walks on Saturday.

It seems likely that Judge will hit his 62nd home run before the end of the MLB regular season. But based on recent trends, it probably won’t be during a college football game.

[Chris Vannini]