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Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving created headlines last week when he shared an antisemitic movie on social media as a recommended viewing. Though Irving defended the tweet to reporters over the weekend, the tweet has since disappeared.

Irving did not meet with the media following Brooklyn’s 116-109 win over the Indiana Pacers on Halloween. The win snapped a four-game losing streak for the Nets.

That did not stop NFL Network host Rich Eisen from getting brutally honest about the situation during a monologue on his podcast. He played audio of a tense exchange between Irving and ESPN reporter Nick Friedell. Irving told Fridell, “you’re dehumanizing me,” when the reporter asked why he chose to promote that film.

Eisen decided to humanize himself.

“You’re dehumanizing me, Kyrie. I’m a Jewish man,” said Eisen. “Descendant of people who died in gas chambers and got incinerated by Nazis. You’re dehumanizing me by putting on your platform a book and movie that is filled with antisemitic tropes that are designed or eventually lead to the dehumanization of me, and my children, and my ancestors who died because they were Jewish.”

The sports world was quick to react to the news:

The Nets are next in action Tuesday night when they host the Chicago Bulls at the Barclays Center.

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