Before the season started, some wild Vegas odds suggested that only three teams – the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Ohio State Buckeyes – had a chance to win this year’s College Football Playoff title. Five weeks into the 2022 college football season, that’s only looking more and more true.

College football data analyst Brian Fremeau put together a chart highlighting the best teams in teams in the country with the X-Axis representing the team’s offensive efficiency rating and the Y-Axis representing defensive efficiency.

As Fremeau’s chart highlights, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State are so much better than every other team in the country that even if you combined the next-best offense and defense into one team, it still wouldn’t match those three teams.

“The current FEI gap between the Big Three and the field is so large that an imaginary team with the ‘best other offense’ combined with the ‘best other defense’ would also not measure up,” Fremeau said in his Tweet.

In this case, the “imaginary team” that Fremeau created used Iowa’s defense and USC’s offense. As you can see in the chart, it still doesn’t match up to Ohio State, Georgia, or Alabama.

So if you’re wondering which two teams will play in this year’s national title game, there’s a very good chance it will be two of those three teams.

[Brian Fremeau]