Is it just me, or have alligator-centric posts kind of dominated the Internet landscape (such as it is) for the past few months? (If it is just me, please pretend along, or all these rhetorical questions are really going to feel meaningless.) Are there more alligators out there, roaming the wild? (Or, really, golf courses.) Are they becoming more aggressive? (Or maybe just horses are becoming more aggressive towards alligators.) Or are we just noticing them more? (Again, by we, I mean the Internet.)

If you were expecting me to have some kind of definitive conclusion, well, no, I have no such thing. What I do have is a video of two big-ass alligators battling it out in a water hazard on a North Carolina golf course. Is it a metaphor for everything I just discussed?

Well, you be the judge:

No, it’s not a metaphor, it’s just two alligators fighting. Or, perhaps more accurately, one alligator fighting/murdering another alligator, which is a bit surprising, though maybe it’s a dispute over territory? Like, one gator gets the back nine, or just the par 3s, but the other gator was like “Nah man, I want to move in on this dogleg!” only to meet the business end of, well, an alligator?

Again, if you’re expecting me to come through with the answers here, you’re going to be left wanting. All I have are questions. Is that annoying?

Yes, I’m sure it is.

Hey, there’s one answer, at least.


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