Two videos of Best Buy employees reacting to and tackling shoplifters went viral this week and the nature of the moves that the employees put on display has caught the attention of the sports world.

In one video, three shoplifters are seen approaching a smartphone display and suddenly ripping phones out and trying to make a run for it. Two of them are stifled by the wires keeping the phones connected and that allows for multiple Best Buy employees to set up between them and the door. While the first guy might have made it out, it appears that the strong tackling effort prevents the other two from making it.

Naturally, there were plenty of NFL comparisons and comments surrounding the techniques on display.

Meanwhile, a second video went viral a few days later, showing another Best Buy employee absolutely crushing a would-be shoplifter by tackling him into the doorway after they evaded one person.

This one caught the eye of Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin, who invited the tackler to join his team if he just so happens to have any college eligibility left.

“#ComeToTheSip if you’ve got eligibility left,” Kiffin said.

Let it be known. If you’re thinking about stealing from large retail stores, Best Buy is ready for you. And they’ve been practicing.

[NFL Memes]

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