It’s a miracle that a driver in Poland came away with non-life-threatening injuries on Easter Sunday, after an accident looked straight out of an action movie or Grand Theft Auto 5.

The driver of a Suzuki Swift went high-speed into a roundabout, launched into the air, cut down a pine tree mid-air, and “narrowly missed a statue of the Pope before crashing into buildings at a cemetery in Rąbień, Lodz, Poland,” according to the Daily Mail. Get all that?

Oh, and The Daily Mail adds that the car “burst into flames on impact and was left totally destroyed.”

Authorities in Poland released video of the car hitting the roundabout before launching into the air (23 feet off the ground, according to AutoBlog).

The man somehow remained conscious and was removed removed from wreckage by firefighters, before being taken to a local hospital. His breath smelled of alcohol, but they’re waiting for blood tests to confirm if he was drunk, according to The Daily Mail.

What we can confirm- this guy is lucky to be alive.

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