Viral volleyball save Houston

Volleyball players often sacrifice their bodies to save the ball on spikes, but one player took that to ridiculous extremes on a play that spawned a viral video.

Houston Cougars junior Kate Georgiades pulled off an incredible save in a match Friday night against the South Dakota Coyotes.

South Dakota spiked the ball, and Houston setter Morgan Janda got a hand out to block the spike but the ball careened out of bounds, well behind the playing court.

Enter Georgiades. Running full speed, she ran some 20-25 feet behind the court and somehow saved the ball back into play, before diving headfirst over a table.

It really must be seen to be believed — and plenty of people are seeing the video as it goes viral off the original ESPN+ video.

Not done yet, Georgiades returned to the court and made another one-handed dig to keep the point going for Houston. The Cougars eventually won the point, and Georgiades’ teammates mobbed her in celebration of her incredible efforts.

No wonder Georgiades plays the libero position, which is usually played by a team’s top defensive player.

The viral video logged a quarter-million views in just more than an hour after ESPN posted it, with hundreds of retweets.

Sports fans who caught the play on Twitter shared their amazement.

“That girl has to be from Buffalo,” tweeted one user, referencing hard-core Bills fans who destroy tables while tailgating.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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