3rd grader basketball viral video (via Courtside Fims]

During the T3TV Snowball Classic in Cincinnati, Ohio, a group of third-graders went viral for their antics on the basketball court.

They weren’t doing anything wrong per se. Rather, the young and impressionable athletes were simply emulating some of the antics they’ve seen come out of the modern NBA. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think these eight-and-nine-year-olds were showing one another up. Well, that’s how some in the sports world took it. Others just saw the kids having fun.

“These 3rd graders acting different,” Overtime said in a tweet.

It was an entertaining video and, of course, the sports world had plenty to say about it.

“It’s actually entertaining, no one wants to sit there watch Spurs or Harvard basketball, let these kids have some flavor to their game,” wrote Dom.

“You can tell the Internet Raised these kids,” wrote Bobby Solez.

“I personally am all for taunting,” wrote Dax McCoy. “A vastly different experience from when I grew up. I was always taught to be professional, even as a kid. My coaches at every level hated these antics. But me now? I love it. You don’t want em to do it? Don’t let ‘em cook you then lol.”

“In the NBA, this is a tech,” wrote FanDuel Canada.

“Never seen so many adults upset at kids having fun with a kids game,” Kazeem Famuyide wrote in a tweet. “Let them live!”

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