House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy focused on real hard-hitting government issues Wednesday morning when he bashed Democrats over Peloton subscriptions.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently announced approval for everyone in Congress and all House staff to receive access to a Peloton subscription. Yes, yes, the government recklessly spends our tax money. Shocker. Realistically, if a rash of Peloton subscriptions was the most uneconomical thing the government did, we’d be in great shape.

Actually, it’s not even that bad of an idea to encourage exercise. Wasn’t it Republicans who spent the last two years arguing Democrats should worry less about COVID and more about obesity? But this article isn’t about liberals having the gall to spend money on Peloton subscriptions, it’s about McCarthy’s explanation of the stationary bike and bizarre assumption that no one knew what it was.

In the tone of Joel Osteen and with the descriptive chops of Vin Scully, McCarthy explained Peloton in detail. Although I’m not entirely sure he fully grasps what Peloton is based on his “best of all, it’s stationary” comment. McCarthy said it with sarcasm when, in reality, the stationary factor of Peloton is indeed one of its selling points. Did he previously believe Peloton was a mode of transportation?

An ongoing pandemic, formula shortage, rising gas prices, war in Ukraine, and countless other more prominent focal points, but let’s take some time to complain about government officials promoting exercise among its staff.


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