Dildos and lube on a near-Oklahoma City highway, as per Sky News 9.

There have been quite a few recent truck crashes, but one in Oklahoma City Wednesday particularly stands out for the cargo involved. Many of these notable crashes have involved food. But this one involved dildos and lube:

Here’s more on that from The Lost Ogle:

The accident prompted the rubberneckers at KWTV News 9 to apparently scramble Patricia’s Sky News 9 for a live shot, and boy, did chopper pilot Jim Gardner deliver.

After he gave a brief and vague update of the scene, intrigued morning anchor Lacey Lowery asked what cargo the truck was carrying and, specifically “what’s all over the road?” After an awkward pause, a somewhat bashful Jim Gardner stuttered his way around the question and the cameraman zoomed in.

…We haven’t received official confirmation of what cargo the truck was carrying, but A) That sure looks like a bunch of vibrator boxes and tubes of lube scatter over the highway, and B) The accident did occur near a major adult-product-focused distribution hub near I-40 and Morgan Rd., so if your vibrator of the month shipment is delayed, that may explain why.

Concerned about how this accident may affect the OKC metro’s dildo and lube supply, I reached out to our friends at Patricia’s to see if everything was okay, and if they planned on having a candlelight vigil at the OKC Cockring. They told me each location is fully stocked with a large supply of personal lubricants and sex toys, and the sales are buzzing.

Well, then. At least this isn’t affecting the OKC metro’s dildo and lube supply.


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