The largest poker pot in TV history.

Viewers of the legendary show PokerGo ‘Cash of the Titans were recently treated to the largest chip exchange in American television history.

The pot went for $1,978,000 in the middle of the high-stakes stream.

As noted about the video, “The difference between this poker hand and what you’d normally see on TV with huge stacks of chips in the pot is simple: this is a cash game. Each chip represents the dollar amount that the player bought into the cash game for.”

The hand is between Patrik Antonius and Eric Persson, two famous poker players. The chips changing hands means Antonius became over a $1 million richer on a single hand of poiker.

The duo was playing with $1,000 and $2,000 blinds and a $2,000 ante when the hand transpired.

“Patrik Antonius has nearly $14 million in live poker earnings throughout his career. He has been a fixture around the professional poker scene for a long time and is the greatest Finnish poker player of all time (based on earnings),” BroBible noted.

The outlet also noted that Eric Persson, the loser of the largest hand in TV poker history, is known as a “cash game shark but is relatively new to TV poker.”

Only time will tell how this hand affects these two players’ future earnings. But Antonius clearly won this exchange.