La Presse's Pornhub screengrab.

Over the years, we’ve seen quite a lot of discussion of media members’ accidentally-tweeted porn links. We’ve also seen numerous hacks of accounts leading to porn tweets, and hacks of public displays, and team accounts tweeting porn thanks to ownership changes at the sites that used to host their videos. But a fun new development here is a provincial government COVID-19 data update linking to a porn video, and that’s what happened with the Quebec provincial government in Canada Thursday:

Here’s more on this from Lillian Roy at CTV News Montreal:

The Quebec Health Ministry’s official Twitter account got some extra traffic Thursday morning after a link to “inappropriate content” was shared with followers.

“Due to a situation beyond our control, a link with inappropriate content was posted on our Twitter account. We are looking for the causes,” reads a tweet from the ministry.

The link was intended to bring users to the government website’s COVID-19 portal but instead sent readers to a PornHub fetish video.

And here is that ministry tweet:

As per Henri Ouilette-Vezina of La Presse, this Pornhub link remained online for about 40 minutes. So that’s a significant error on the ministry’s part. And it meant that a lot of people looking for updated COVID-19 numbers found something, uh, rather different.

[CTV; Pornhub screengrab via La Presse]

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