Brittney Griner with wife Cherelle. Brittney Griner with wife Cherelle. (Brittney Griner on Instagram.)

President Joe Biden stayed true to his promise to bring imprisoned WNBA superstar Brittney Griner home by Christmas.

The Griners enjoyed their first moments together in a bunker at a military base outside San Antonio, Texas.

Cherelle Griner, who earned her law degree during the 10-month saga, spoke to People magazine and revealed Griner’s first moments back on American soil.

“Those seconds couldn’t go by fast enough,” said Cherelle of the couple’s first hug since Griner got released. “I couldn’t stop touching her face. I was like, ‘Is this really you?’ It did not feel real. It was chilling — and warm. I was just holding on tight. I couldn’t let her go.”

The Griners are currently relaxing in their shared home in Arizona after a two-night stay courtesy of Uncle Sam. Cherelle said the couple knows there is no going back to their old “normal.”

“We’re mindful of the fact you can’t go backwards. You say, ‘Oh, let’s get back to normal,'” says Cherelle. “We do understand that the normal we are referring to was what we were doing before February 17. We reminisce about certain things in the past. Still, we’re trying to make sure we’re not going backwards. For the most part, we’re eyes focused on what’s in store next for the both of us.”

Brittney Griner, in her first public statement since being released from a maximum-security penal colony for women, pledged to return to the Phoenix Mercury and work to free all wrongfully convicted Americans, including former United States Marine Paul Whelan.