Caitlin Clark Caitlin Clark in her WNBA debut. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Caitlin Clark’s much-awaited WNBA debut didn’t go well Tuesday night.

Widely acknowledged as the GOAT in women’s college basketball, the Indiana Fever rookie struggled with her shot, ball security and defense in a 92-71 loss to the Connecticut Sun. Although Clark finished with a team-high 20 points, she hit only 5-of-15 shots. She also had a whopping 10 turnovers, a WNBA record for a player’s debut. She also appeared lost defensively several times.

Clark’s struggles became such a storyline that ESPN’s camera followed her off the court at halftime as Fever teammate Aliyah Boston tried to encourage her.

The reactions on social media were all over the place. Many fans, looking at Clark’s past accomplishments, know she can play and are confident she’ll be fine. They point out the WNBA is a far more competitive level than NCAA basketball, and she will need time to adjust.

On the other hand, a sizable social media contingent predictably checked in with a knee-jerk reaction, ready to label Clark a bust. After one game. Really.

Yet Clark was wildly successful in a couple of respects in her WNBA debut. She helped sell out the arena, and she generated plenty of buzz on social media. And when’s the last time that happened for a WNBA rookie?


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