Aug 3, 2018; Phoenix, AZ, USA; MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Curt Schilling looks on during the first inning of the game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Brittney Griner’s trial in Russia continues and all signs point to the likelihood that it exists merely to get to a point where the United States negotiates for her return afterward. But in the meantime, plenty of people around the sports world are sharing their opinions on what happened and whether or not she deserves to be imprisoned for having vape cartridges with hashish oil, a marijuana concentrate, in a country where doing so is illegal.

Former Major League Baseball star Curt Schilling has a name for himself, for better or worse, in the conservative talk space since his career ended. And he seemed to have a viewpoint that many in that space have been sharing when he retweeted LeBron James’ comments on Sunday, saying that he doesn’t understand why people feel sorry for her and seems to want her to spend a decade in prison over the incident.

“I know this may seem like a stretch,” Schilling wrote. “But something like 300 million people understand ‘OBEY THE [expletive] LAW’, why is that such a challenge? And why on earth should she NOT pay the penalty for breaking another country’s laws?”

It’s unclear why Schilling, and many others like him, is so angry with Griner, who had admitted that it was an “accident” in bringing the cartridges into the country and was using cannabis as part of her medical regimen as prescribed by a doctor.

Presumably, they feel as though she’s getting undue attention because she is a famous female athlete. Or perhaps it’s because she’s a lesbian and it forces them to have compassion for someone they’re not supposed to have compassion for and that’s confusing. Either way, it feels like a lot of misplaced anger over a situation that doesn’t call for it.

Which, to be fair, sounds very much like Curt Schilling’s thing.

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