Becky Lynch Jey Uso

Could you ever picture WWE’s Jey Uso and Becky Lynch doing the ‘YEET?’

Well, guess what happened on the Europe tour.

Lynch, Uso, and some others on the WWE roster toured the continent of Europe this past week. The annual post-Wrestlemania tour of Europe was a touch more abbreviated than usual, although they’ll return in two weeks to go to France for Backlash.

Nonetheless, the WWE superstars made sure to make the most of their trip. Lynch visited her home country of Ireland for a well-received return. Out in Belfast, Lynch competed in front of a rowdy crowd, but her night wasn’t just about competing.

No, instead, Lynch joined Jey Uso for what turned out to be an epic moment.

Jey convinced Lynch to stick around so that the two of them could do his popular ‘YEET’ dance/taunt. The crowd obviously joined in, just like they do all the time, and it created a heck of a moment on the Europe tour. Lynch even grabbed Jey’s “YEET” glasses, put them on, and immersed herself in the moment.

The clip went viral both on Instagram and X, as it received nearly one million views as of last checked on the website formerly known as Twitter. So, it’s safe to say that a lot of people clued themselves in.

These are the kinds of things that make WWE live events so fun. Especially the house shows, which are so often more relaxed than the television shows.


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