Earlier this week, the Cavinder twins, Haley and Hanna Cavinder, shocked the sports world when they announced that they would not be returning to the Miami Hurricanes for their final season of eligibility after emerging as some of the most iconic women’s basketball players in the NCAA. But now, we know why: they’ll be working with the WWE.

The pair announced the news during an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show on Thursday morning.

“We love the WWE. Their fanbase, their sport, the fitness side of it. That fits Hanna and I’s brain, and aligns great with us,” Haley Cavinder said on The Today Show according to On3. “So yeah, we’re very excited about the future with them.”

It’s not clear exactly what their role will be with the WWE going forward, but it’s still a major announcement for some of the most iconic female athletes in the country, and the sports world had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

The announcement was quite a bit vague so we don’t know exactly what the twins will be doing with the WWE in the future, but it’s safe to say they would make quite an entertaining tag-team partner if that’s what they end up doing.

[Jim Weber]