The Royal Rumble is on January 29 and throughout the month of January, various WWE superstars will declare their entry in the 30-man and woman event. This year is going to be a bit different as a certain Jackass qualified for the Royal Rumble.

On New Year’s Day, Johnny Knoxville declared to enter the Royal Rumble. WWE didn’t exactly confirm he would be in the event but they noted his request on their Day 1 show. Fast forward six days to last night’s SmackDown and Knoxville was backstage where he ran into Sami Zayn. Zayn took issue with Knoxville entering the Rumble because he didn’t have the “technical wrestling skills” to compete and that if he showed Zayn something that maybe he would qualify.

Later that night, after Zayn lost to Rick Boogs, he had his back turned to the ring to mouth off at Shinsuke Nakamura. That was all Knoxville needed to throw Zayn over the top rope and impress officials to qualify for the Royal Rumble.

Knoxville’s involvement in the Royal Rumble is to promote his new movie Jackass Forever which will be released that next Friday. The Royal Rumble match is full of various happenings and given the Jackass franchise, Knoxville should be game to get a bit physical. Knoxville will be the second celebrity to compete in the Royal Rumble match as Drew Carey entered in 2001 and eliminated himself after almost getting chokeslammed by Kane.

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