Logan Paul and Roman Reigns

There was good news and bad news for Logan Paul coming out of his WWE Universal Championship Match at Crown Jewel on Saturday. The good news is that while he ultimately fell to Roman Reigns, Paul’s performance was far better than expected. The bad news? It came at a heavy cost.

After the match, Paul tweeted out a photo of himself sitting on a trainer’s table with his thumb up, ice wrapped around his right knee and crutches by his side. Paul then revealed that he had suffered a torn meniscus, MCL and possibly ACL, as well. In his caption, he added “happened halfway through the match. keep y’all posted.”

Many in the professional wrestling world sent their best wishes and respect Paul’s way after the injury news was revealed.

While Paul had a two matches under his belt before squaring off against Reigns, he’s still a part-time wrestler. Part-time wrestlers, oftentimes including other professional athletes, will often wrestle with a fairly safe and bland style when stepping into the ring. Paul didn’t do that.

Not only did Paul and Reigns go nearly 25 minutes, but Paul had a wider variety of moves than most non-wrestling celebrities. He even took to the air, jumping through a prone Reigns on an announce table — and even captured the moment in real-time.

It will be a while before Paul steps into a ring again. But he certainly gained a lot of respect with his performance against Reigns, especially knowing that he worked through some significant injuries.

[Logan Paul on Twitter]

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