Scott Hall

Scott Hall, one of the most important and impactful professional wrestlers in the history of the business, passed away on Monday.

On Sunday, Wade Keller of reported that Hall was on life support after suffering three heart attacks following complications with hip replacement surgery. Later, Hall’s on and off-screen friend, Kevin Nash, posted on Instagram that Hall would be taken off of life support as soon as his family was in place. That happened on Monday and not long after, WWE announced that Hall had died.

Hall was a star in multiple places. As Razor Ramon in the WWE (then WWF), he was a four-time intercontintental champion. In 1996, he went to WCW and became the first member of the New World Order. The NWO storyline was a financial goldmine for WCW, and it eventually caused WWF to respond with the Attitude Era. With that, the wrestling boom of the late-1990s and early-2000s was born.

Because of that, Hall is a two-time member of the WWE Hall of Fame, as both Razor Ramon and a member of the NWO.

Following his death, tributes from the wrestling world came pouring in.

Of course, there’s another part of Hall’s legacy that can’t be forgotten. Throughout his career, Hall struggled with substance abuse issues.

With the help of fellow former wrestlers Diamond Dallas Page and Jake Roberts, Hall began to get sober. A call between the three from early 2013 shows just how dire Hall’s situation was at the time. While Hall’s passing at 63 is still young, the fact that he lived as long as he did was an inspiration that others remembered upon news of his passing.

Indeed. Hall’s life may have come to an end on Monday, but he’ll be remembered for years to come.

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