Seth Rollins

CM Punk is the kind of person where you either love him or hate him. Seth Rollins left little doubt as to which side he falls on.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman before Saturday night’s Royal Rumble, the Drip God called Punk only by his real name (Phil Brooks) and called him a “cancer” when asked if he would like to see Punk back in WWE.

“Oh Philly Phil, stay away. Stay away, you cancer. Get away from me forever… Yeah, no, I don’t like Phil. I don’t like Phil. He’s a jerk. Did we just figure that out? Did we just figure that out? Everybody in the room is like, ‘Oh no, did he say that?’ Yeah, no, he’s a jerk. Come on. We figured it out over there [AEW], we knew it over here [WWE]. I don’t want him back. Go do something else. Bye bye. Bye bye, see ya later.”

CM Punk is currently in pro wrestling purgatory. As he’s recovering from a torn triceps, everyone is awaiting what AEW will do to him due to his comments in the All Out press scrum and subsequent locker room fight with The Elite. EVP’s Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks were held off TV for over two months while there was an investigation, while producer Ace Steel was fired.

As a result, many took sides on Punk. Some have shared how nice and generous he is and his willingness to always give advice to less experienced wrestlers. Others have shared how blunt and bullheaded he is, as he believes he’s he’s always right. More than likely, the real CM Punk is somewhere in the middle.

There’s a chance that Rollins is saying this to set up a potential storyline because this is pro wrestling. Maybe that winds up being the case, but it didn’t seem like Rollins was much concerned about working with Punk. That being said, it’s not like Rollins is in a position to keep CM Punk away from WWE, so if it winds up that Punk someday shows up at WWE, he’s already got his first feud.


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