Carlos Beltran is still in the majors despite being 40 years old. His numbers are down this year, but that hasn’t hurt the Houston Astros production as a team. The Astros won 101 games, after all, and currently lead the Red Sox 1-0 in the ALDS.

But Beltran’s contributions off the field have made headlines today, as news came out that he teamed up with Astros owner Jim Crane to help fly Puerto Rican residents undergoing cancer treatments off the hurricane-ravaged island.

Via For The Win:

“Thanks to Jim Crane, my family was able to leave (Puerto Rico),” Beltran said. “He sent a plane for 100 passengers. Also, through my foundation, we were able to contact 15-16 people that were going through cancer treatments and needed to leave the country… They’re going to come and watch the games, and at least take their heads off the situation in Puerto Rico that people are going through, even though the reality is the reality and our country is in big need. Right now, we just need help.

“It’s very sad for me, to be here and see my fellow Puerto Ricans going through the situation that they’re going through. But at the end of the day, I do believe we’re going to get up stronger. We’re going to learn from the situation that we’re living right now, and we’re going to overcome the toughest times. It’s very tough to see people suffering and in need of food, water — the basics. But at the end of the day, I want to let them know that I’m doing the best in my power to send supplies and send help to Puerto Rico. There are a lot of people all over the United States that are doing the same.”

Houston obviously knows all too well what kind of havoc a hurricane can wreak on a city and its population, having just undergone massive flooding and other damage at the hands of Harvey. Kudos to Beltran (and, obviously, Astros owner Jim Crane) for stepping up to help in a crisis.

Beltran has also started a crowdfunding effort for humanitarian relief, if you’re curious:

Excellent work, Carlos.


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