Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price is a fiery fellow. You may remember his viral, expletive filled rant from a couple years ago or the time he actually managed to get tossed from a game before it even began.

On Sunday Price added another episode to his own, personal highlight reel, if you could give that label to his notable flare-ups. He was protesting with the umpires during the Reds’ game at the Mets after Scooter Gennett was ejected for arguing balls and strikes to end the seventh inning. As Price was in the middle of his dispute with the umpires, God Bless America began playing. Price and the umps took off their hats to pay respects to their country then went back at it.

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way this could have possibly ever happened before, right? Wrong! About a decade ago Jim Leyland did the same exact thing in a Tigers-Yankees game.

Price seems like a high-tension guy. Maybe it’s the stress of his .429 winning percentage over four years in Cincinnati. He should relax a little bit though. In spite of those four years racking up the losses, Price will return as Reds manager in 2018.

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