In totally shocking news no one could have seen coming, DeMarcus Cousins is in some trouble for fighting with his coach.

The Sacramento Kings have suspended Cousins, perhaps the NBA’s most mercurial star, for one game following a loud altercation with George Karl during Wednesday night’s loss to the Cavaliers, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears.

Cousins has a loooong history of feuding with coaches, from Paul Westphal to Keith Smart to Tyrone Corbin. After getting along well with Mike Malone, Cousins wasn’t thrilled when the Kings hired Karl but had seemed to keep his feelings in check so far this season.

Though it’s hard to know for sure without hearing what was said, this incident doesn’t look like that big a deal. Cousins is clearly angry, but he doesn’t leave his seat of get in Karl’s face or anything.

It’s always a little tough to blame Cousins for his outbursts given his situation in Sacramento. He’s averaging 27.4 points per game (fourth in the NBA) and 11.5 rebounds (fifth), while the team flounders below .500. Cousins has spent his entire career being a great player on a terrible team, and that’s got to get pretty frustrating.

The center will serve his suspension during Friday’s game against Orlando.

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