Formations, marching in sync and making words or objects are hallmarks of the collegiate marching band. However, leave it up to the fine folks of Berkley to go a different route.

While the Cal marching band performs the regular routines on the football field and in parades, it also has an annual tradition unlike any other in college marching band circles — hitting the slopes to perform.

No, we aren’t talking about performing in ski lodges or at the base of a mountain. Instead, the fine members of the Cal marching band take to the Sierra slopes in California each Martin Luther King, Jr. day and perform as they are skiing down the slopes.

This year was no different, as the Cal marching band was caught in the act by some unsuspecting (and suspecting) skiers.

Documented evidence of this tradition dates way back, but few know exactly when it started according to a 2007 Tahoe Daily Tribune report.

The report also indicates there are indoor and outdoor performances and it all varies from the traditional fight song to a wide-array of hits from different decades.

For unsuspecting skiers looking to enjoy a day off in nature, the sights of over 100 band members skiing down the slopes and playing full-on marching band music has to be jaw-dropping.

[photo: Lake Tahoe News]

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