This is as reckless as it gets.

Today’s NCAA matchup between Ohio State and Michigan got feisty as time expired, as Ohio State’s Brendon Kearney and Michigan’s Cutler Martin started pushing and shoving. As a referee got between the pair, Martin grabs Kearney’s leg and the trio fall to the ice. When Kearney looks up and exchanges words with Martin, Martin blindsides him with a sucker punch and Kearney’s head bounces off the ice hard.

Thankfully, Kearney is wearing a full-face shield on his helmet(all NCAA hockey players are required to) so the damage could have been much worse. The punch by Martin is reckless, dangerous and stupid. The skirmish was clearly over, and Martin takes multiple shots at Kearney, including one straight-on. It’s one of the dumbest cheap shots I’ve seen in a long time. He should and will face some serious discipline by the NCAA.

The game was a high-scoring affair, as the two rivals combined for 14 goals in an 8-6 Michigan victory. The Wolverines came from behind, trailing 5-3 going into the third, but five third-period goals propelled them to victory. Multiple players were ejected including Martin, and something tells me this isn’t the last time we’ll hear about this play. It should be used as an example, and hopefully, the NCAA does the right thing and suspends him for a long time.

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