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Defergate: Patriots elect to kick off in OT, lose to Jets

The New England Patriots and New York Jets went to overtime in a 20-20 game on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, and the Patriots won the coin toss with the chance to go score a touchdown to win the game. Only the Patriots didn’t choose to do that.

New England wide receiver Matthew Slater told the referee, “We want to kick, that way.”

Video evidence:

As CBS play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle put it, “Utterly bizarre”.

The Jets — as you knew would happen — marched right down the field to score a touchdown and win the game after receiving the kickoff.

So naturally everyone is wondering what the heck Slater was thinking. But this is where it gets even more bizarre- Slater claims he did as told by Bill Belichick and the New England coaching staff.

And Belichick claims the Patriots indeed wanted to kick off.

Slater sure seemed confused and like he wanted a redo when the referee explained the situation, so perhaps Belichick is just covering up (when would the Patriots ever do that?!) for the longtime Patriots special teams ace.

Whatever the case, a crazy, and bad decision by New England (or simply by Slater). The Jets had already scored 20 points in the game, so it’s not like the Patriots would want to count on the defense to get a stop. And when you have Tom Brady, go win the game. There was also no weather factor that could’ve impacted the decision.

And this was all in a very important game. The Patriots (12-2) blew a chance to lock up the AFC’s No. 1 seed and homefield advantage, while the Jets (10-5) are now in position to make the playoffs as the AFC’s No. 6 seed.

Needless to say, the Jets are pleased with the decision made by the Patriots.

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