Deonte Thompson pulled off a 109-yard field goal return this year.

It’s pretty rare to see a missed field goal returned for a touchdown in the NFL, but Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Deonte Thompson pulled it off Saturday in preseason action against the Arizona Cardinals. Here’s the missed field goal (a Matt Prater attempt from 63 yards at the end of the first half) he took back 109 yards for a touchdown:

This is a remarkable return, especially with how Thompson starts out going right, breaks a tackle and then cuts all the way to the outside left sideline. He does get a couple of helpful blocks, but also makes some impressive moves himself, cutting back inside and throwing a nice stiffarm. And this was crucial to the Bears’ eventual success, as they managed to pick up a 24-23 win. Thompson’s been with the team since September 2015, and has pulled off some impressive returns and catches in that time, but this should help his chances of sticking around further.

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