Of freaking course Joe Theismann’s got feelings about Colin Kaepernick winning the 49ers team award for courage and inspiration.

The 67-year-old former Washington Redskins quarterback appeared on Fox News’ Outnumbered to call out the 49ers for voting for Kaepernick. Theismann’s argument? “You’re a 2-14 football team; he’s won one football game. What has he inspired?”

First of all, the award in question is given annually to a 49ers player, so someone on a 2-14 team was going to win it. The win-loss record doesn’t have to do with anything.

As for what Kaepernick has inspired? Whether you agree with how he’s approached the issue, he’s created a discussion across the country on oppression of black people and other people of color. Protests modeled after his have spread from coast to coast, touching everyone from high schoolers to other NFL players. At the end of the day, his protest will be much more remembered than anything he’s done on the football field.

Theismann told “Outnumbered” he doesn’t believe Kaepernick should have protested while on the job.

“I don’t agree with what he’s done,” Theismann said. “As a matter of fact, the American flag…stands for the right to be able to do the things you wanna do, to be able to stand up and have a difference of opinion. I agree with that part of it, but not when you’re on the job.”

The tired argument Theismann is making holds little merit. Kaepernick silently protested during the national anthem. He didn’t get the ball on a snap, refuse to throw it and reveal a “I hate America t-shirt” underneath his jersey. Kaepernick’s used his huge public platform to promote an issue he felt strongly about. And he did it without really interfering with anyone.

Kaepernick’s 49ers could have gone 0-16 and his actions would still be worthy of the award. But, Theismann, a white, conservative, views Kaepernick through his privilege-tinted glasses. He doesn’t understand the good Kaepernick’s done because it hasn’t effected him personally. Signing up to lambaste Kaepernick on national television only show Theismann’s ignorance.

Here’s what that Fox News clip looked like to me:


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