Ottawa Senators goalie Craig Anderson was simply trying to do the hockey media a favor when he took a tumble at the beginning of his team’s practice on Friday. As he was taking the ice, he tripped and gracefully slid as Bobby Ryan spun and asked if the spill was recorded.

That’s a pretty impressive recovery by Anderson, all things considered. Most trips don’t look that smooth, especially on ice and while the person is wearing goalie equipment. Ryan’s reaction is what turns this video from a mildly funny moment into a great hockey moment.

When the media asked about his fall following the practice, Anderson had the perfect response.

The grin on Anderson’s face when he tries to play off his fall as intentional is great. That being said, he does have a point. At this stage of the playoffs, most of the stories surrounding the players and teams have been told. There isn’t really much more to say until the games are actually played, so Anderson was doing the media a favor by giving them something new to talk about.

At the very least, the Senators appear to be keeping things light and having a lot of fun. Mike Milbury may hate that attitude and approach, but it’s usually a great way to combat the stress and pressure of the playoffs.

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