The KHL can be a weird, beautiful league sometimes.

The annual tradition of having mascots participate in several skills competitions during All-Star festivities continued again this year, and just like last year, it all ended with a brawl.

The chaos takes place with all the mascots on the ice, sliding and playfighting much to the audience’s delight. It seems chaotic and unstructured, but like a whole lot of fun.

Thankfully things never get too aggressive, but the mascots give it their best to try to land some jabs and knock their rivals to the ice. Much respect to them for having to wear huge mascot heads and try to fight, despite having their vision impeded.

So while the NHL tries to make it’s All-Star Game as unfun as possible, the KHL has totally embraced lunacy and given the fans something memorable. I’d love to see the NHL try the same thing. Let’s get Youppi! to face Stinger. How awesome would that be?

As for the skills competition, things got too real as one mascot lost his head during the chaos.

That’s some nightmare fuel. Fun, but terrifying. Won’t somebody please think of the children?

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